Tire Features:

The RoadX RT787 is a premium regional drive tire designed with four season traction in mind. The open lug design provides excellent traction and is optimized to clear mud and snow from the tread voids. The square shoulder lug provides a stable ride for excellent vehicle handling and control.


  • Regional Trucks
  • Tow Trucks
  • Pick-up and Delivery Trucks


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Tread Design

• Open lug design for traction on and off road.


• Tread design clears mud and snow.


• All weather performance for excellent handling. 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake denotes a true winter tire.

SizeTire Size P.R.Ply Rating T.D.Tread Depth L.I.Load Index S.S.Speed Symbol O.D.Outside Diameter S.W.Section Width S.L.R.Static Load Radius R.W.Rim Width LCC 1XLoad Carrying Capacity@PSI (Single) LCC 2XLoad Carrying Capacity@PSI (Dual)
    32nds     in. in. in.   lbs.@psi lbs.@psi
225/70R19.5 14 21 128/126 L 32.2 8.9 15.4 6.75 3970@110 3750@110
245/70R19.5 16 21 135/133 L 33.3 9.8 15.4 7.50 4805@125 4540@125