Approved for use on EPA SmartWay certified equipment

RoadX is proud to introduce the R3 series of tires including the SmartWay® Verified Low Rolling Resistance ST355 R3, RH648 R3, CD880 R3 and TR528 R3. At RoadX, the SmartWay® program is our ongoing commitment to the environment and to our customers to deliver more for your investment while minimizing environmental impacts.



The EPA has determined that certain tire models can reduce NOx emissions and fuel use by 3 percent or more, relative to the best selling new tires for line haul trucks, when used on all five axles on long haul Class 8 trucks [1].

SmartWay® Verified Technologies, developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, is a public / private collaboration between the USEPA and the freight transportation industry that helps freight shippers, carriers, and logistics companies improve fuel-efficiency and save money.